Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Swimming for Kids

On Sunday morning, we put our new water float to good use!

This was also the 1st time we were using the pool at our condominium. The kids loved it!

It helped that our neighbours and friends brought out their floats as well. Nicole loved driving their car.


Nathan loved playing with his water gun


Nadine was the most relaxed in her water float. Check her out!


She actually slept in the pool. It seems that our visit to the mini water tubs really helped.

She was like a real expert in the water, and maintained her ying and yang balance.

Here is our little sage after she came out of the water, in her Obi-Wan look.



Btw, before I go, here are some videos that i took of Nadine’s Water Tub adventure. The videos really help to give you an overall perspective on her whole adventure. You can see how tense she is in this video!

This is Nadine…definitely more relaxed.

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IcyKing said...

Oh my! That is so precious! I believe these are the moments whereby you really feel that everything you've gone through is so worth it.. I mean, look at them.. Really so envious.. I was actually feeling kind of down but after seeing these pictures and videos, it just brightens up my day..

ED said...


Hope u are feeling better! they are definitely very cute!!!

Min said...

Obi-Wan Nadine is such a cutie!!! :)

Jayme Shing said...

Nadine in obiwan look, looks sooo adorable!!!

torance, said...

wow! I like the photo of her in the obi-wan look.
She seem to enjoy alot!

torance, said...

wow! I like the photo of her in the obi-wan look.
She seem to enjoy alot!

shachew said...

I laughed out loud when I came to Nadine oh-so-enjoying herself in the float...and the Obi-Wan look is so cool! :)

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