Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shokudo - Japanese food (Marche Style)


We had a small gathering on Sunday, and we tried out this Japanese Restaurant at City Hall.

Located at B1, "Shokudo" is food served Marche Style. Similar to the Swiss restaurant at Vivo City, each customer is given a card, and selects his/her from a huge array of Japanese Food.

IMG_2403 The interior decor of Shokudo is really nice and homely, and I was actually quite overwhelmed with the selection of Japanese food. The guys thought that I would go for the pasta, but I decided to try the Unagi egg rice bowl instead. It was nice!!!

If you are looking for a place with a nice ambience, this place is a good bet! We went there on a sunday night, and there was plenty of room!

For food that is unforgettable - This will not be the place. It was nice, but definitely not a place, where u will go on and on, about the food to your friends :)


A great plus for the restaurant is that they had a big play area for the kids. This place is definitely useful when you have 3 kids!


Before I go, here's a commercial that will help you relax and hopefully spark off your imagination!


torance, said...

wow, nice place!!!
my friends were also talking about this place!
~the video commercial is interesting!

San said...

Yeah - I had a friends' gathering there last Nov. Food is alright, but the place is nice enough for a good time of fellowship! ;)

omc_omc said...

haahaaa... the video make me think of our e-zlink card .... recently i think they are trying to make the card one that we can use it anyway ... hahahaa...

Anonymous said...

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ED said...

ED - Hapi

Oh...Visit your blog to learn how...Just realized what u meant, after i clicked on it.

Actually, Adsense does not really work for small time bloggers like myself.

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