Monday, January 19, 2009

Weddings and our Flower Girl

Nicole just became a flower girl for the 4th time!

I think she has come very far since her first appearance as a flower girl. (U can chart her progress by watching these videos, 1st attempt at William & Alison's wedding, 2nd attempt at Jerb's wedding, 3rd attempt at Jo and Emily's wedding)

She actually likes it as well!!!

The original flower girl at this wedding was suffering from stage fright and our little girl was called to the rescue.

We were not very sure she could fit into her dress, as Nic has grown in the last few months, but after trying out her flower girl dress - she was happy to announce that she could fit!

This was also the first time, she made it down the aisle without parental assistance - she did an OMO (One Man Operation).

Daddy was not there to witness it, as I was down in Jurong, but after her performance, she called me and said that she did very well!!!

As her reward, she was promised chocolate ice cream! :)

As we were very busy throughout the day, we did not get a chance to buy one for her.

However, our little princess does not forget easily (I reckon that she has got an elephant memory, when it comes to food)

Before she went to bed that night, she asked mummy for her chocolate ice cream!

Mummy had to reassure her in the dark, that she will get one tomorrow...

Here's the Video and Congratulations once again to Kok Siang and Phoebe!

Check out Nicole's stress-filled face, as she goes down the aisle with her flower girl basket.


torance, said...

wah! 4th time! She is really brave to do that. so young! professional flower girl sooner or later. haha...

del said...

nicole is so seasoned in doing this now!! she must be the hot-favourite among those who are getting married soon!! haha .. next time we'll see her having more smiles on her face! :)

weiwen said...

haha she really look stress out lol!

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