Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2nd attempt at being a Flower Girl

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jerb n nic

Last Saturday, was Nic's 2nd attempt at being a flower girl and PTL, she was successful again!

There was really a big crowd at Jerblinn's wedding and we had been preparing Nic for months, in anticipation of this big day.

We psyched her up for her role periodically, by telling her about the event, and promising her a chocolate bar, upon successful completion of the task.

As the doors opened, there were lots of people cheering and clapping but PTL, our little girl made it! 

Mummy and Daddy are so proud of her! She is now officially a veteran!

Nic also calls herself the 2nd princess, the 1st princess is of course Auntie Jerb!

Our heartiest congratulations to the lovely couple as well. We will definitely miss them as they go off for their honeymoon.

It is also a milestone for us as a zone, as they are the first "home-bred marriage" within our leaders.

They met in the same cg, became leaders in the zone, and got married in the zone.

Congratulations to the lovely couple again!

group shot

Jerb was my first CGL who I raised up, so marrying her off, is like marrying off my 1st daughter :) So glad, that she found a man who loves her!

Before I go, here's a video of my little flower girl:


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