Friday, May 9, 2008

Winnie the Pooh and Nicole's Hair

After dinner, I was teasing Nicole about her tummy. As she was watching "Winnie the Pooh", I remarked: " Does Pooh's tummy look like Nicole's?"

She replied confidently, "No, It looks like Mummy's! Pooh's tummy is like when she was carrying Nadine!"

LOL!!! I don't think mummy was impressed!


Nicole's hair is also finally growing longer. Last week, was the first time she was able to tie her hair. Looks like we just crossed another significant moment in her life!



CableGirl said...

Well... mommy may not have liked it, but the Pooh tummy is actually quite an apt description.

And I have to ask since my daughter is 18 months and is still practically bald... how old is Nicole? There is no hope of tying MJ's hair back at any time in the near future for sure. lol

CableGirl said...

and I should have added that I'm blog hopping. :)

ED said...

Nicole is currently 2 yrs 5 mths. Don't worry about the lack of hair at the moment. At 18 mths, we thought that her hair would never grow as well! :)

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