Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wedding Bouquet Toss

Was just reading Shing's blog & i realized that I forgot to post one of the videos' from Jerblinn's wedding.

The Wedding bouquet toss is one of the wedding traditions that Singaporeans started practicing in recent times. You must remember that as Chinese, so we are used to things like a traditional tea ceremony.


Was trying to find a picture of myself giving the tea...but could not find them!

But here's a picture of myself in 2001.

IMG_1108  hmm...Looks like I was very much skinnier!

Anyway...Here's the wedding bouquet toss!


chris said...

man, i wish now that i could look like my wedding pics.

Mockingbird said...

i think you looked skinnier in 2001, not skinner :)

ED said...

Chris, that crossed my mind too, when I opened the album to write that post! haha!

mockingbird, thanks! corrected!

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