Friday, May 23, 2008

Cafe Del Mar - HSBC Dining Offer

cafe del mar

On the day after Mother's day, we organized an outing with my wife's Mum and we took her to Cafe Del Mar to celebrate Mother's Day.

We decided on this venue because we saw a HSBC Credit Card promotion for this place.

There was a "1 for 1 main course" deal, if we paid using our HSBC Credit Card.

Check out the advertisement below:

hsbc dines for free  cafe del mar deal

Yes!...I was excited as well!

My wife has been to Cafe Del Mar, but I have not!

This was supposed to be one of the coolest place in Sentosa, so I thought that this was a great chance for me to 'Check it out!' and for mum to tell her friends she went to this HIP place!

We took the whole extended clan on Mon night to the restaurant and we were determined to enjoy ourselves.

We ordered steak, lamb, chicken...tried the soup - and the food did not disappoint. It was good!

Sitting by our chairs at night, we enjoyed the sea view, and we slowly soaked in the ambience of the restaurant.

For dessert, we adjourned inside the restaurant, and we tried out the pool table there as well.

cafe del mar collage

Nicole enjoyed learning the game of pool, and exploring the empty restaurant, as we were one of the few patrons there, on a Monday night.

When it came to settling the was here that we were in for a shock!

I asked the waiter again, if the HSBC offer was still on-going.

He said Yes! (Prior this, we called the restaurant, and the HSBC deal was also confirmed with the operator)

However...only $28 dollars was deducted from the bill. That was equivalent to only ONE main course!

I looked at the waiter and said, we had at least SIX main courses, shouldn't you take away the cost of THREE?

He said, "NO!....the deal is for only ONE main course."

HSBC really meant one dines for free! Ya..out of 6 people, only 1 person is free! So the "1 for 1 main course" description is not accurate.

To cut the long story short, I had an American Express card with me, that got me a 15% off the total bill. This turned out to be a better discount as compared to HSBC's one free main course.

Wah...What an expensive lesson!....must make sure I call the restaurant, and ask more specific questions, the next time I go out for a special deal! (Note: The fine print on the web site didn't indicate any of this!)

Nic was still happy though....Here's a video of her dancing, as we walked to the car!

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chris said...

The best lessons in life are usually costly...

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