Wednesday, May 7, 2008

American Idol - Paula Abdul's Boo Boo

Praise the Lord!

Finished 2 of my exams already and 1 more assignment to hand up on Friday before the end of my 1st semester in Trinity Theological College.

Today, I had a 3 hour paper where I had to write 5 essays. I was so tired that after finishing my last essay, I could not remember anything else as I read through my paper again...maybe because it's been such a long time, since I last took exams...brain is not used to that kind of pressure anymore.

American Idol

If you guys have not been following the present season on TV, last week Paula Abdul made a big 'boo-boo" on the Show.

The contestants were supposed to sing 2 songs and then come to the judges for an evaluation. Instead, Ryan Seacrest decided to change things round, and let them have their evaluation after the first song.

Randy gave his usual comments, and Paula was totally lost. She took out her cue cards, and while glancing on her cards, commented on the contestants' 1st and 2nd songs




U can imagine the controversy that this is creating for American Idol fans...

Anyway, just to end with something more uplifting...for 1 of the combined song items on American Idol this season, they sang "Shout to the Lord!".

If you don't know, this song is like the very first mega hit for Hillsong and made Darlene Zschech famous. They wanted to change some lyrics of the song when they sang it, but Hills said NO! so praise the Lord! I believe it is a plus for the cultural mandate, with them singing this song. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

they have an excuse for that, they said that paula abdul actually heard jason castro's second song during his backstage rehearsal and she had noted her comments down.

i hope all you'll get excellent results for your papers.

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