Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Confinement Lady goes home!


Today is auntie's (confinement lady) last day!

It has been a good 1 month that she has helped us with Nadine, and it has really been relaxing for my wife.

Auntie has been a great asset in the house. She helps by looking after Nadine, cooking post-natal dishes for my wife, cleaning the house...etc.

It was just like having another helper in the house, but at the additional cost of $1800 (excluding the ang-pow). Even Nic wants her to stay!

Best of all, she sleeps in the same room with Nadine, and feeds her even in the middle of the night - so the rest of us really get to sleep well.

But looks like things are going to change from today...but don't worry guys, we are ready for the challenge :)

The good rest for my wife also means $avings for me....

milk bags

I got a fridge full of frozen milk bags!

If you know the cost of milk powder, this means lots and lots of savings for the whole family.

So, we are praying that the adjustment period is going to really smooth, and that Nadine is going to be the most well-behaved baby around!


Anonymous said...

Somehow the frozen milk looks like soya bean, simply tasty!

cloudsters said...

Enjoyed visiting your site (courtesy blogexplosion).

You know what, we're just about to lose our confinement lady too and though some of her ways have been grating enough, she'll be sorely missed...

By the way, that's a heck of a lot of stored-up milk; in all seriousness, the 'supply' is impressive!

Best wishes to your family and for Nadine's second-month-onwards.

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