Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mother's Day - Doing something Special!

This year at City Harvest, we are celebrating Mother's Day in a new way.

Besides the traditional door gift and the super touching drama, we are having other interesting activities as well. We have a "look-alike' contest (where u submit pictures of yourself and your mum), and a "Best Mum" Contest (where u submit a testimonial on where u feel your mum is the best!)

If u have some great shots of you and your mum and you really want to honor your mum, submit your pictures and testimonial to Alternatively, you can go to the church website for more details.

But what I really like this year - are the invitation cards!

I have been to a few CGs already, and I have conducted this exercise, where all of us write a love letter to our mums!

mothers day collage

I really can't remember the last time I wrote to my mum, so I believe that as I penned down my thoughts and as I really appreciate her - it will really touch her heart!

I was telling my members - when my children start writing letters to me, I too will be touched.

During the meeting, I read out a few of the cards that the adults and youth had written. It was very touching, as we Asians are not very forward in expressing our thoughts and appreciation. So, we are really believing that this Mother's Day is going to be really special.

Currently, both my mums are coming already! They are really keen on the family portrait (This is when a family gets a free studio portrait taken). So, Guys! Start inviting your mums and let's have a BIG party in church next weekend with our families!  

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Beth said...

Moms really are so special! Thanks for the reminder to express my gratitude to mine this year.

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