Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Milestone - Nicole's 1st Musical


Nicole was at the Esplanade this week for her very 1st musical.

Grandma bought tickets for her to catch Roger and Hammerstein's  Cinderella!

Nicole was really excited about the whole show, and SUPER OBEDIENT throughout the whole day - as she wanted to ensure her 'safe passage' to the theatre (threats were constantly waved at her, whenever she misbehaved )


Personally, I thought that Nic was a bit too young for the full fledged musical, but there were a lots of children there as well. Grandma had full faith in her granddaughter and she did not disappoint! She managed to sit through it, and hardly fidgeted at all!

The Esplanade theatre also proved to be quite child friendly. I was pleasantly surprised that the ushers had 'Booster Seats' for children as young as Nicole.

This equipment made sure that Nicole's view was totally unobstructed throughout the show! :)

How was the musical?

It was a bit disappointing, as there were hardly any 'catchy tunes' or 'touching moments'!

Nicole's favorite part was the interval! She had a tub of Pringles Potato Chips all to herself!!!


I don't think I would recommend this musical to anyone, as it is on the pricey side...but it is something really blog-worthy for Nicole..

She hit a new milestone....She went for her 1st Musical!!!


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Sherrie said...

It is really difficult to find anything superb to watch at the theatre these days because we are so spoilt by CHC drama productions! :D

ED said...


I am sure our drama dept will be very happy with that comment!!! :)

Hann Hann said...

oo... I wanteda go but Mummy thought it's too pricey and the duration's too long for me.

I'd probably think it's the end of the show at interval. ha.

Glad we didn't go afterall.

thanx for the review.

seriously, I think Church productions and actors are so good, they're sometimes better than professionals. the Creative Ministry at Trinity Christian Centre is really good too.

I supposed and hope it's because they're "driven" by THE ONE and recognise the purpose of their talents.

ED said...

Ed - Hann Hann

tks for dropping by :)

I heard that the prudential kid's festival productions are aslo quite good.

U might want to consider those productions instead of Cinderella.

Hann Hann said...

Mummy booked tickets for 3 of the shows liao. =)

omc_omc said...

i really think nicole is growing prettier and cuter each time i see her!! she is simply so sweet!!! =)

torance, said...

OH! Musical production! nicole must be in joy to watch the characters "came to live" from the tv. hahaha.

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