Friday, January 23, 2009

Swimming for a 9 month old Baby

Nadine had her 1st exposure to swimming this week!

Well, it is not exactly swimming, but she had to learn how to float, in “deep” water conditions.


The ‘pool’ was located at Harbourfront just next to Vivo City. It was free for us, as Nadine was treated to a swimming lesson by my sister in law. :)

As you can see, this place has been in the local papers!


How does a 9 month old baby swim?

The secret lies behind this ‘ring-like’ inflatable that went around Nadine’s neck.

The pool is also not exactly Olympic sized, but resembles your washing machine tub.

water collage

Nadine was frankly quite scared, as we lowered her into the pool! She has not swam before, and she was naturally very tensed, as she went into the pool.


You can see the fear in her eyes…


But as she began to relax (after crying for 5 eternal minutes), she began to relax and just float…


Here’s a picture of her kicking her legs in the water :) IMG_2443

It was quite a fun experience for our little girl, considering that she not gone swimming before.

After the swim, Nadine was treated to a massage, that really helped her to relax and put her into a deep sleep when we got to the car.

The whole session costs my sister in law $28, and we also bought one of those inflatable rings for Nadine.

We figured on letting her try swimming during the CNY period, so that she can really become a water baby. (The inflatable can be bought at $30)


Jerb said...

Nadine looks so cute with her tiny head sticking out of the float...! Very calm looking... in fact looks like she was enjoying her 1st swim!

torance, said...

Nadine looks so cute in the photos taken!

wenwinner said...

So cute.. So many things to do for the kiddo as a new mom.. =)

Amber said...

Nadine! :) I want to see her more in your blog! I think she will be a better swimmer than me..

ED said...

ED - Amber

Haha...Must send her 4 swimming lessons soon!

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