Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Day at Aranda Country Club

The Tay Family had a far from quiet New Year's Day.

Together with the ET zone leaders, we gathered at Aranda Country Club for our New Year's Day Countdown.

This is my 1st time at this holiday chalet. I know...I know...a bit Swa-ku (colloquial for Country bumpkin)..but I liked it. The rooms are BIG and all 30 of us, could squeeze into the sitting room comfortably. I would recommend this chalet for retreats and baby showers :)

We kicked off the meeting with ice breakers! It was really fun as the games included really bizarre things like guessing the no of hairs we had on our eyebrows.

Counting eyebrows

Every Sub-zone leader including myself then went on to share about our victories. We were encouraged and strengthened, as we talked about our struggles and our breakthroughs.

On a personal note - Would really want to thank and appreciate the leaders for their love and contributions to the ministry in 2008. U guys really made the difference in my life, and in the lives of many others! Thank you for working so hard and for all your tireless sacrifices! 

The party continued on way into the night. It was truly a time of rejoicing, and a celebration of love and relationships!  love and friendships December is also the the month where we honour the leaders who have contributed to the zone in a extraordinary way.

These are the winners for 2008 in pictures:

fastest growing

The countdown to 2009 was fun and really NOISY. Nicole & Nadine joined in the fun as well!


The spray cans came out next, and we took aim at our favourite leader...Heehee


DSC_0291 It was really a very fun time and we are looking forward to another Great year ahead!

ET Zone 2008


Jerb said...

It was a v fun (but Shiong!) time bonding with one another!

Joanne Toh said...

Look at how Lucas' hair has grown! (Last photo)

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