Sunday, May 17, 2009

Laptop Backpack Bag: Get one for FREE!

Have u guys heard of the brand TARGUS?

I bought this knapsack from Targus about 1.5 years ago, and it was fraying and the threads on the bag were running.


The bag can take a 15 inch notebook, and it comes with a hidden water-proof jacket, to protect the bag when it rains. I think it’s quite a nice bag, and I wanted to keep on using it, considering that i paid about $110 for it!

Targus happens to offer a life-time warranty on their products and my friend told me that if the bag was a bit run-down, they would do a “1 to 1” exchange on the bag.

I was skeptical at first, but this week, I decided to put their warranty to the test.

I went down to the computer mart (Funan Centre) and I asked the shop assistant how the warranty worked.

Well, to my surprise, he said it was TRUE!


I could do a “1 to 1” exchange on the bag, as long as they still had it in production, and I could only do it once for each bag!

Well, to cut the long story short, he took my model off his display rack, and I got a


I think they just won me over…I will be buying Targus for a long time to come!

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San said...


Too bad I think Targus' ladies range is... quite "auntie-ish"! Hahaha... but the guys range is really quite stylo. Guess you know who is in their design team. :P

JOKER said...

Yes, I bought a targus bag at MYR220 too. with Life warranty.

I used it for travelling with heavy stuffs as far no problem of using it..;D

I think i will buy Targus bag in future as well because they provide excellent service.

Guys, Don't throw away the Warranty Card;p

Mary said...

Yea, this is a pretty good brand and it's way better than some others I have used.

Woo, but what I didn't know is the 1-for-1 thingy. Glad I know it now =)

Em said...

Wow! Tat's great... I love FREE stuff! Hee... but too bad they do not have trendy designs for ladies!

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