Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Innovations in Korea

Korean Food Courts are so COOL!

Most of us Singaporeans are used to the food courts that we find in big mega malls like Takashimaya, but I was presently surprised by the innovation found in a Korean Food Court.

At the stall, you will find the normal Japanese displays of the food that you want to buy.

However, in order to purchase the food, that is why Korean technology comes in.

Upon selecting the food that you want, you got to look closely at the display. Why?
The stall holder does not accept CASH!

If you look closely at the display, the Sirloin steak has a label of 7-1
Upon deciding on the Sirloin steak, I had to proceed to a centralized cashier to pay for the food.

The cashier menu has all the codes for the food as well. I paid 5500 won for the meal and that is approximately Singapore $7 for the meal. That is relatively cheap considering that the food in Korea is relatively expensive.

After I paid for the food, the cashier issues me with a receipt accompanied with an order number.

I then waited at my seat, and looked at the queue order numbers. After 5 minutes, my order was called!

All this while, I never talked to the stall holder. The order was dispatched to the stall via the cashier.

Cool right!

It all means that the stall holder has no pressure to sell his/her food.

Maybe Singapore Food Courts will be like that in the near future!


beaglesg said...

Hmmm very high tech indeed!

Reminds me like seeing Dr in the hospital. Register and wait for number to be called.

But what if we want special request? like more veggies or less sauce...etc

alexis said...

so high tech! wah. like that don't have to worry that people will cut queue

Eileen said...

haha. That's really something new! Unlike S'pore, it is really diff:)
Enjoy yourself at Korea yeah!
see you soon too!:)

Jayme Shing said...

I just read yilun's blog on the korean trip! so exciting! i was v amazed at the rate of the meter for 6 seater taxi!! haha! Waiting for u to come back and share with us more!!!! :)

San said...

Wah! Very "systematic"! Awesome... what a cool idea!

ED said...

that's a good question. there's a major language barrier, and I can only order by giving the number and pointing.
I can't say anything else... but looking at it, it seems no avenue to make special orders.

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