Monday, May 4, 2009

Children and Skin Allergies

Remember my previous catastrophe of going to school and not finding Nicole?

Well…She did not go as the previous night before, she developed rashes!

The next day, we sent her to school, but she was sent home, as the rashes were all over her face as well!


We are still not too sure what caused it…but we suspect that it is peanut butter, as we just bought a whole new bottle, and she had quite a lot of it!

Peanut is supposed to a big time contagion when it comes to rashes, but she never had problems with peanut before.

My research on the net tells me that, even if u aren’t allergic to certain foods, you can develop an allergy to it over the years. This phenomenon happens quite often, when we talk about young children.

Looks like we will try to keep her away from peanut butter for the moment!


beaglesg said...

Peanut allergy can sometime be life threathening. I suggest you bring Nicole for a skin test to confirm the allergy. Too bad my dept only see children aged 7 and above, if not can help you to make arrangement.

Grace said...

Oh no!!! Poor Nicole! Hope she will recover soon!
Agree with what you say! You may not be allergy to something but it can be develop over years to come..

Anonymous said...

Peanut Butter?
I thought its supposed to be for a facial.. >.<

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