Friday, May 15, 2009

Thomas & Trains

Looking for a cheap way to entertain your kids?

We regularly stand there and watch as we put Nathan into those machines that don’t go anywhere.

 thomas the train

Parkway Parade (A local shopping mall) is one of the best malls with a lot of these rides.

It has this nice Thomas the Train machine, which is one of Nathan’s favourites!

In fact, his love for Thomas has not died. Nathan’s infatuation has continued from the his train sets, to basically any form of transportation associated with trains.

At a recent carnival in church, he was riding the train non-stop, and every ride had to be in the engineer’s seat as well. Mummy says he is “So…BOY!”…as she can not understand his fascination with trains!

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San said...

Haha! I know THAT parkway thomas train ride! Jay lurves it too... But strangely, he doesn't like it when the train moves (cos he keeps sliding), so ahem, it translates into savings, cos i dun pay for the "sit". LOL!

ED said...

wa...that is a good quality to have :)

Justyn Yong En said...

Justyn also loves to sit on these machines ... and he just entertains himself. He doesn't need the machines to move!!! SAVINGS!!!

K Hartono said...

Aw, they're so cute. THe funny thing is you called for Nathan but he gave little response, but Nicole just posed happily without your call. =) Two different personalities =)

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