Monday, May 4, 2009

Sun Ho is on Facebook!

Just went on Facebook recently, and was pleasantly surprised that Sun Ho has started her Facebook page!

It not just got the latest updates about her, but also cool pictures like this one as well!

Sun hoI saw her latest dance moves, and She was really "moving". Her trainer is also Justin Timberlake's choreographer. Btw, for a full-time mother, I think she is in great shape!

Check out her latest reflections under the notes section as well!

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xiao tou said...

is it true kong hee and sun is filing for a divorce? This is sad...

ED said...

No lah... no such thing. I happen to know Ps. Kong personally. They talk every day on the phone, he goes and visit every week.
It's not true at all...

Anonymous said...

Ps Kong Hee and Sun Ho having a divorce?


Dont know where these rumors come from!

I am from City Harvest and these rumors are totally untrue!

Anonymous said...

Yes i heard rumors they trying to salvage their relationship with a trip in US/Europe. God bless

ED said...

Ed - Anonymous

Like what u's a rumor but it is totally not true!

I happen to know Ps. Kong and Sun personally and I just communicated with Ps Kong this week, and there is no hint of any breakup or divorce.

Btw, Ps kong is always with Sun in the states, and they are very happy together!

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