Friday, May 22, 2009

My Adventure in Korea

Hi guys!

You haven't heard from me the last few days, as i am over here in Korea on a business trip and attendting a symposium at Hansei University.

So instead of attending lectures in school, I am currently doing it in the whole new country and 'soaking' up the atmosphere up North!

Here's a picture of the whole team together with Mrs Kim (wife of Doctor Cho Yonggi).

At night, we had a chance to have some authentic Korean food as well.

The kimchi over here is definitely not like any kind found in Singapore and the food is much better than Seoul Garden.

However, the standard of living here is much higher, and a meal in the restaurant costs us Sing $50.

So, after this meal, we began to eat more at the breakfast table :)

Anyway, got to go...Missing the wife and kids!

Update more about my adventures soon.


Amber said...

We miss you! Quick catch the anointing and come back to lay hands on us.

Joanne Toh said...

Tell us more when u return!!! Still rem yr sharg durg the previous trip abt how prayerful the Koreans are! Challenged!

--YiLiNg-- said...

wow the shabo shabo right or something spell like that... eee so cool

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