Friday, February 15, 2008

Obama uses the Caring System

If u have been keeping up with the Presidential Campaign in the U.S, I am sure that u would have heard about Barack Obama. He is a Democrat, while people like Mike Huckabee are Republicans.

What makes his campaign interesting to me is this: The Obama campaign is the first in decades-maybe in history-to be carried on the backs of the young.

The youth in America has traditionally been disinterested in politics. In fact, politicans have deemed the youth (those under 35) as hard to mobilize and bored with politics.

How does Obama get his votes? He uses the caring system.

Obama purposefully targets the youth. After his rallies in towns across the state, he meets backstage with student leaders from the area. This is a privilege most candidates reserve for locals VIPs and fund raisers.

What is that? That is personal touch at its best! He gets to know the people!

Candidates like Clinton and Obama have also added this personal touch by calling potential voters as well.

Besides this, Obama speaks the language of the youth. He uses technology effectively by using platforms such as 'facebook' and speaks about change!

Studies have shown the effectiveness of these 21st century tools. It has been seen that voters are more likely to go to the polls if they are asked face to face by someone they trust. This proves that personal canvassing is more effective than direct mail or phone calls from strangers.

People vote when they know how much u care!

As we employ our connect group system, let's realise that people vote with their feet & influence is determined by relationships.

Before I go, check out this video. to find out more about the man.


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