Monday, February 18, 2008

4d Ultrasound

Recently, we went to to the doctor's for our monthly checkup on the progress of the baby.

We went early but unfortunately, the clinic was really crowded.

Instead of the normal 15 minutes wait, we waited for about an hour, before we could go in and see the doctor.

Entering the doctor's room, we began to make light conversation with the doc. From small talk about CNY, we began to talk about the Doctor's New 4D scan machine.

It seemed to really strike a chord with the doc, and he got very excited about it. He immediately asked us whether we had a 4D scan done yet. We said 'No' and he told us that he was free and he would do one for us there and then.

Well, that's the picture above. That's Nadine and she is resting on the plactenta. When I saw it, I joked with the nurse, "Who do u think she looks like?"

Anyway, prior to this visit to the clinic, the doctor has been telling us about his new 4d machine and how he was giving free trials to his patients.

As this is our 3rd baby, and the 3rd time we are using him, we thought that we were catching him at a 'good time' and he was going to be generous towards us.

To cut the long story short, we were charged $80 dollars for the shot. Frankly, I wanted to give him back the photo. Not that I am not excited to see the baby, but this is baby no. 3 - pre-sightings of the baby are not very high on my agenda!

Well, the next time I go to the clinic, I will definitely ask for a quotation 1st!

Aiya...But beyond that...I think the photo is 4d nice! & so I pasted the picture in my valentime's dedication to Jiahui. Hey! Must maximise the 4d photo! :)


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