Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lucky Numbers and 4-D

It's been a really busy Chinese New Year, and I have been counting my angpows..

Besides giving away money during this season, I also came across an interesting article in the papers on Sunday.

Many of our seniors are really getting into "lucky fishies!". Costing just $3/fish, these species of fish called 'mollies' have numbers tattoed on their bodies. With numbers from 1 to 9, a lucky punter catches his/her fish, and they will head off to their local "4-D" or local sweepstake store to bet on their lucky combinations. This bet brings the saying "Nian Nian You Yu" to a new level!
During the meeting with Dr. A.R Bernard, he said that the higher the level of creativity, the higher the society has become. For example, the Egyptians with their pyramids, display a very advanced society for ancient times.

Well, I hope that these aunties are showing that the Singaporean Society is advancing! Actually, the mollies also also imported from Thailiand, so I not very sure, who is at the end of the food chain! :)

As Chinese New Year is always associated with luck, here are also some other interesting ways for us to get more 'lucky' during this season.

1. According to chinese superstition and what i observed on the highway, if u scribble down the license plate of a car involved in an accident, the plate number is supposed to be really lucky. Isn't that really ironic! A lucky Accident!

2. Death anniversaries of people in the news also make for great 4-D inspiration. Most recently, when Suharto died on Jan 27, the combination 2701 was the second prize in Jan 30's draw.

Before I go, here's a video of a really excited Nicole during this Chinese New Year! She is dancing to a praise song, after eating her 'Steamboat Dinner'. Check out the video at the end, where she gives a cute bow as well.

Sorry, but I have not learned to rotate the video yet, so please tilt your head to the side.


Mommyca said...

That was really cute! I loved the littel bow at the end!

Amanda Val Ng said...

Kids are just so sweet and mold-able

Thanks for sharing Brother Edmund :)

Amanda Val Ng

Alanna Tan said...

Nicole is BREAKDANCING! ahha

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