Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Watching TV & Dim Sum Dollies

Guess what Nicole is doing?

She is in her favorite position - Watching TV.
She is becoming a real addict, and we are trying to cut down on her TV time. Even when she goes out to the kitchen to eat her dinner. She will leave instructions before she goes.
She tells daddy, "Daddy, don't turn off the TV, I am watching!"

Her favorite cartoon character Dora is found on the local channel. As she normally watches Cable, she does not understand the concept of advertisements (Cable TV does not have any ads).

As a result, when the advertisement comes on, she will stare at her mummy and say, "Mummy, I want to watch my TV! Where's my TV?" Mummy will then surf ALL the channels, asking, "Dora, where are you?" And hope against all hopes, that the ads would finish their run quickly, so that Dora comes back on!
On Monday, we also caught 'Dim Sum Dollies". It was at the Esplanade and it cost us $80/person.

It was quite funny, but my friends tell me that the earlier productions were better. Anyway, we had no basis for comparison, as this was our 1st viewing of the series.

I liked the segment about the 'Men in White" where references were made to our modern founding father. They even had a repertoire of National Day Songs. It was quite enjoyable waving the Singapore flag :) It stirred within us a patriotism, unknown in the month of February (National Day is in August).

If u like musicals or dramas, u should catch it too! Check out the promotion videos below.


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