Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blogs - A voice to contend with

Blogs seem to be gaining a new voice, and becoming a new vehicle of communication for various industries.

In the light of this statement, I came across some startling news over the weekend.
In Singapore, U can't sell food via your blog anymore!

If u sell your cakes, tarts, brownies or any form of food over your blog, u can be fined up to $1000 by the National Environmental Agency (NEA).

As Singapore's 'Food Watchdog', it maintains hygiene standards in the food retail industry. Last year, it took action against 2 websites because of feedback from the public on how they were hawking their home cooked wares.

These days, unless you are a friend of the blogger, you will not be able to sink your teeth into the tempting home-baked food.

Food bloggers with home-baking business can only sell their cakes to 'friends only' and they also cannot put their price list online. Doing so, would suggest that the blogger is operating a large scale food business from home!

Can u imagine that! And the authorities are wondering why Singaporeans seem to lack an Entrepreneur Spirit!
Wonder if my favorite private cake shop, will still sell his lovely durain cake to me!

On the political front, blogs have been used a a vehicle for communication as well.

I have been following the American Debates over potential candidates for President. Came across this candidate which I have been following closely. His name is Mike Huckabee.

He used to be a Southern Baptist Pastor for more than 10 years, and he plays the bass guitar in his rock-and-roll band called Capital Offense.

Went to his site and they even had little widgets, that u can add to your blog - to show who u are supporting for the Presidenti. Wow! Quite different from over here in Singapore.

I attached some widgets, so that u know what I am talking about: - I Like Mike! - I Like Mike!

Anyway, besides the usage of the blogs, which is utilized by every political candidate, what i really like most, is the way that Mike has been answering questions about his religion.

I think that his answers are really very good.
He is able to make his stand, be assertive and friendly at the same time!
Check out the smiles on the faces of his fellow Presidential hopefuls, as they watch him defend his faith!
Let me know what u guys think!


Em said...

Well, the food bloggers can still sell to their friends, so start making frens with all your favourite online food retailers! =)

Jeff said...

Right on, Mike Huckabee!

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