Monday, January 7, 2008

Beauty World

Just the other day, both Jiahui and myself went to watch 'Beauty World'

It was one of our outings without the kids, and I was excited for her to watch the production. I first saw the musical in 1988, then, it was one of the most exciting things the Singapore Theatre Scene had to offer.

The story is about this simple girl called Ivy Chan Poh Choo, who goes to this 1960s night club to look for her long lost father. Besides the songs and the dance, the most fun part of the musical, are the the localised settings and jokes. This is where you will find certain characters singing songs in cantonese, and the ang mohs in the audience reading the subtitles on special screens!

If u have not watched much musicals or plays, this production is an entertaining way of easing yourself into the scene!

Watching it 20 years later

After watching the 1st production, I felt that nothing beats the original production. Of course, I am biased! How can a plot be exciting, when u roughly know what's going to happen next! However, i thought it was still very entertaining!

In closing, If u are tired of going to GV or Shaw, check out the production before it ends it run at the Esplanade theatres.
P.S - thought u might enjoy my fav. David Beckhem Ad. Enjoy!


Ed said...

try out this new comment function! its quite cool & I love your feedback!

clementino said...

what new comment function?

Ed said...

When u make a comment, u will see it under the recent comments on the right tool bar!

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