Friday, January 11, 2008

No more Luncheon meat!

Have u guys heard of Maling luncheon meat?

Singaporeans seem to love their luncheon meat, and I am one of them! Recently, my domestic helper whipped out her usual fried rice, and it was very different!

There wasn't that salty MSG taste! No soft greasy meat, that just brings a smile to your face! First, there is a KFC shortage, and now it is LUNCHEON MEAT! What is this world coming to?

According to the government, Singapore has been importing on average some 4,500 tonnes of luncheon meat from countries such as China, Denmark and the US from 2002 to 2006. Last year, the figure was 4,473 tonnes.

Recently, The AVA (which deals with food safety issues), suspended 2 canned meat processing plants from exporting to Singapore, after detecting a banned antibiotic in their products during routine monitoring.

The ban has affected my favourite MALING luncheon meat!

But there are substitutes...

I tried all of them, and no other company seems to produce Luncheon meat like Maling. I just finished eating another plate of fried rice, served with luncheon meat from another company. Everything seems inferior to Maling!

Hawkers have also felt the repercussions! Fried Beehoon and Nasi Lemak hawkers say they plan to stop selling luncheon meat as a side dish after their supplies run out, due to escalating prices.

Writing about luncheon meat today, brings back Nostalgic Memories. This meat was an essential ingredient in my National Service survival, where we would squat over gas stoves and cook this 'heavenly meat'.

Ah...There was nothing like the sweet fatty smell of Maling in the jungles of Mandai!

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valkerie said...

Omg I love Maling luncheon meat!!! My mom ONLY buy this brand!

remy marie del rosario said...

Nice blog Love it. Is the blog awards in singapore? Maling Btw is a favorite here too. Cheers Please visit and possible add my blog.

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