Saturday, January 5, 2008

ET Zone Leaders' Thanksgiving

This entry took me the longest to write, as I wanted every word to reflect how I feel about the leaders. To get maximum effect of reading this entry, please scroll to the bottom of entry and play the video on You-Tube as you read.

Meeting at the Conrad Hotel Suite, the leaders in ET Zone were ready to party and enjoy themselves.

Getting our food from a highly recommended food blog (I eat-I shoot-I post), we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves eating our Western Fare.

We ordered our food from "Wow Wow West" at Bukit Merah View market. If u like places like "Botak Jones", this place is good value in comparison.

Although they don't serve those 'gigantic burgers', the stall 'scored' on its 'fish n chips', 'chicken maryland' and their foot long 'Pork cheese Sausages.' It only costs us $7 each to feed our group of about 21 leaders.
To kick off the night, we had 'ice-breakers' organised by Keith Ng. Must-say that, this is Keith's forte, as he has the ability to always come up with a creative twist to his party games.

The Awards

1. Destiny Award' - We recognised Joanne Toh for her for her 'tireless' contribution to the zone. She is blessed with a great eye for detail, and her administrative gift really helps us to function effectively. Thanks Joanne, once again for your great help!

2. Generous Award - Keith Ng won 'Hands Down' for this award. This is the guy who consistently blesses the people. Always keen to buy anyone breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper, he is also generous with his time. He took leave to help us with 'Camp Breakaway', and he is a really nice guy.

Like what the Bible says in Pro 17:8,

A present is a precious stone in the eyes of its possessor; Wherever he turns, he prospers.

3. Most Faithful Award - Jin Lian was the recipient of this award. She is the one who is disciplined enough to wake up every morning to make sure that the food gets to the youth when we were in camp. She is secure about her identity and does not do things for recognition. A great asset to us!

4. Transformer Award - Stephanie Chan has really stepped out in faith in 2007. Besides being awarded the Best Youth Preacher in Emerge 2007, she has also shown great willingness to help us in developing the next generation of worship leaders and preachers. She works hard and trains the 'new generation' up to the wee hours of the morning!

5. Garang Award - Amber Tan is the one who organises the most number of BBQs and Evangelistic Meetings. Always reaching out the 'Street Kids' in Jurong, she is quite famous around the estate. Rumors are rampant that even the hawkers in the Jurong St 91 area, know about her influence!

6. Servanthood Award - Delphine Tang won this award for being the most 'available'. Always willing to offer her time, this young lady serves with a great attitude! Besides carrying a pleasant personality and a great smile, Delphine epitomises Servanthood!

7. Fastest CG Growth Award (Adult) - Zhifu is a great believer in his people. He is always encouraging them, and is tireless in looking into the lives of his CG members. Besides carrying a great sense of humor, he attributes the secret to great CG growth to Prayer and Fasting! Praise God for answering our prayers!

8. Fastest CG Growth Award (Youth) - Jerblinn Lim is my very first CG leader. Being always available, she is one of the closest leaders to the family. In fact, she is like one of us, and that's why Nicole is also most comfortable with her. She has also been consistently 'multiplying' her group and is indispensable to the Tay Family.

9. People's Choice Award - Keith Ng and Stephanie Chan won this award. They are just such nice people, that they were the natural choice. Congratulations to both of YOU!

In closing I want to thank all the leaders for their hard work and sacrifices. U guys are not just my leaders, but my family and you guys have made this journey unforgettable.

Thank you once again for taking a step of faith to leave your comfort zones and to live God's dream together with me. It has truly been a great adventure, and I have no regrets about sowing my life, to serve God together with u!


clementino said...

Wowah! If there was a leaders of leaders thanksgiving I think you should win best Zone Supervisor!

clementino said...

If there were I mean ;D

Ed said...

thanks :)

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