Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Apply for 8 Days of leave and get 37 days off

Attention all working adults!

As I was planning out my calendar for 2008, i was reminded about the many long weekends we can enjoy this year.

This tip will be extremely useful, if u are planning to go for a long holiday!

As certain public holidays fluctuate in accordance to their religious or lunar calendars, most of the public holidays in 2008 end up close to the weekends.

Therefore, if you take leave on a fri or a mon, u will be getting a 'SUPER LONG WEEKEND' as you will not need to go back to the office for 4 days!

The best possible scenario happens this Chinese New Year, where with careful planning, u can get a Super long break!

To briefly explain:

The upcoming Chinese New Year, falls on a Thursday and Friday (7-8 February) and therefore we will get 2 days off (The government gives us a holiday for both days)

Adding the Sat and Sun, this will mean a 4 day holiday break!

But wait, there's more!

If u apply leave from Mon to Wed (3-5 February), for a total of 3 days leave, u will be getting an even longer holiday:

All this is possible, if u work a 5 day work week.

How? Let me elaborate:

First, let's take into consideration the previous weekend.

If u are working a 5 day week, you would have stopped work on Friday, the 1st of February.

The Long Break will be as follows:

  • From the previous weekend, Sat and Sun (2, 3 Feb) is off (2 days)
  • Mon to Wed is off, as you applied for leave (3 Days)
  • Thur and Fri is Chinese New Year, therefore u get 2 public holidays (2 Days)
  • Then comes Sat and Sun, which is the weekend (2 days)

That is a 9 day break in total! Awesome Right!

Quite a good use of your leave, if you ask me!

If u add up all the possibilities for 2008, u will realise that it is possible to get 37 days off for 8 days of leave!

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clementino said...

Waha! Ever-interesting blog brother edmund! So cute that you actually went to calculate the days haha. Too bad i cant be taking leaves like that, haha cant afford to anyway! Take care!

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