Tuesday, January 8, 2008

KFC - Out of Chicken?

Today, as I was reading the newspapers, I came across a horrible piece of information.

KFC is out of chicken!

According to 'The Straits Times', the popular fast-food chain ran out of its white meat chicken parts, such as breasts and wings. Being a great chicken lover, this news certainly did not sit well with me!

KFC marketing director, explained that there had been a minor delay in shipment. KFC imports its chicken parts from various countries such as United States, Brazil, and Thailand. (Read a previous entry about Singapore getting chicken from Brazil - click here)

The paper reported that in an outlet in Toa Payoh, KFC was only offering thighs and drumsticks.

Isn't this a PR disaster? It's like going to eat McDonald's and they tell you that they are out of burgers!

The good news is that new stocks have just arrived, and that by tomorrow, supply will be back to normal.

But just to be safe, before u order your KFC this week, better check with the counter, "U guys got chicken anot?"

8th Annual Weblog Award

Nominations have started for the Weblog Awards. If u are a reader of my blog, do nominate me!

Nominations close this Sunday, and i will need to receive enough nominations to be a finalist. (I just heard about this competition)

Voting for each Finalists will commence on Jan 22 to Jan 31.

Each nomination form must contain votes for 3 blogs.

For example - these are my votes!
  • Best Asian Weblog - Edunloaded
  • Best New Weblog - Edunloaded (Each blog can be nominated for more than 1 category)
  • Best Teen Weblog - Shingology
  • Best Food Weblog - Klessis

I appreciate your support! Many Thanks in Advance!

(Click here to submit your nominations!)


Siew Wan Siong said...

Funny chicken shit..

Em said...

No KFC chicken? Dun fret! There's Popeyes, Merry Brown, Arnold's, Tenderfresh and now K-Chicken! Read in today's Urban that there is a new Korean Fried Chicken chain that have opened in S'pore. The pics made me drool! There're 4 outlets in total and can be found at Marina Food Loft and Square 2! Go try today! =)

ED said...

Let me know when u tried it!

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