Thursday, November 22, 2007

Macdonald's New Sandwich

Costing Sing $250 per sandwich, this is not an ordinary value meal from Mcdonald's.

Called the Macdonald Sandwich after its creator Scott Macdonald, this gourmet sandwich may be just too hard for us to swallow.

Its cost is down to Wagyu beef that make up most of the filling.

Wagyu cattle are one of the most expensive in the world, as they are raised on a special diet of beer and grain.

Don't think i will ever pay for this sandwich. The papers are calling it the sandwich for the 'Snobs'.

But, talking about food, let's talk about something more affordable.

Just the other day, we celebrated Michele and Suting's birthday (Happy Birthday Gals!). We bought this cake from a private cake shop (He operates from his house), and his creations are really very tasty. Check out his blog!

We ordered a durian cake that was a real hit. It is shaped like a durian and it had real durians in it. I ordered this cake a few times already, as it really goes well with parents and in-laws who are durian lovers. My wife tells me that the chocolate cake is really good as well.

She actually stumbled upon the cake blog, and we took a chance, as she ordered the cake by faith. When we saw the creator, who is only a youth in his 20s, she thought that she was the victim of fake marketing. But to our surprise, his creations are really great, and it is really a must try.

Would also like to take this opportunity to say Congratulations to Juner, who just delivered Baby Denzel into this world.

Welcome to the World of Parenting!

I am sure that u will enjoy your new adventure!


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