Friday, November 2, 2007

Nicole's Growing Up!

If u don't know what Nic is like...She is only 2.5yrs and very shy with strangers. She really takes some time to warm up to new people and as my wife's Cg members have found...that if u want to win her really fast...chocolates and sweets go a LONG WAY!!!

Yesterday, one of our colleagues who is really good with kids and who has a daughter called Chyanne invited Nicole over to her place. Only thing is that Nicole has only been to her place once, and that was probably 6 mths ago (In baby years, that is a long time!). What's more Chyanne is not her regular playmate as she does not hang out in the same nursery as her!

Nicole suprised me by saying, YES! she wants to go over to Chyanne's place. After explaining to her, that Daddy, Mummy & Auntie Weng (our Maid) will not be going, as we will be at CG & she will be all alone, she still said Yes!, she wants to go.

I told myself..YA right!...when it comes to the crunch, she will probably cry...she does not know what she's talking about!!! But mummy looked at me & said, "This time, I think she can!"

I'm sorry but i felt like the man with the sick son who said to Jesus-"Lord I believe, but help my unbelief!!!"

Even as we went to the carpark, Nic said that she was ok and wanted to go! As it dawned on us that she really meant it, our faces changed, we looked like 3 worried parents leaving their little precious for the 1st time. As we strapped little Nicole into our colleague's car seat, we felt we were taking new steps into unexplored territory.

As she waved her little hand at us and said goodbye, leaving us in the carpark, I felt I was like my mum with watery eyes, saying goodbye to me as i sat in the 3 tonner at CMPB. My little girl is going for her 1st pyjama party without Daddy, Mummy and her Nanny. With that, I held little Nathan in my arms & i said, "There's only u left Today!...."

That's little shy Nicole in the photo after we picked her up from the house! She made it thru without crying and today..our parenting crossed a new boundary!!!

PS-To Nic: When u grow old enough to read & understand this entry, Daddy & Mummy just want to say that We luv u and we are so proud of U!!!


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