Saturday, November 24, 2007

My team is Out!

I am quite a soccer fan if u don't already know. So it was very disappointing for me to wake up on Thur morning. and find out that my "Beloved England" is out of the European Championship!

Mcclaren the boss (pictured on the left) got the sack, as he just cost the English economy $2 Billion in lost revenue.

The Euro Championship is the European equivalent of the 'World Cup'. With the English team's exit, it looks like I will be left without a favorite team to support next June. What a 'Bummer!'

To get to more serious things, the 'Top Dogs' of the MDA (Media Development Authority) just recently released a video of themselves doing a 'Rap'.

Quite revolutionary if u ask me, considering that the rappers are in the late 40s and have no sense of rhytmn or groove at all. It's just like your Principal or CEO doing a Rap!

Out of the box? Unfortunately, reviews were mixed and not very favourable.

Just saw the video today.

It is not exactly very 'entertaining' but I say '10' points for trying.

I feel that people just need to be more encouraging, when especially when someone tries something new and different.

I guess this is their version of 'Crossing Over!'


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