Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My little Donut!

2 1/2 year old Nic shocked Grandma today. When PoPo (Grandma in Cantonese) asked her, "Which donut do you want?"

Grandma was just expecting her to point or to just gesture wildly.

Instead, Nic replied confidently, in her cheeky smile, "Double Chocolate!"

Isn't it amazing, how quickly our children pick up things.

In fact, one of Nic's 1st few words in her vocabulary was "French Fries" - Not that I blame her! Mum is still upset with me for introducing to her such 'healthy' food!

Well, she seems to be getting more of her 'Double Choc' these days, as the queues have been slowly 'thining' in Suntec!

Looks like the donut craze in Singapore, is slowly dying down.

But I am sure, that we Singaporeans will soon find something to queue for soon! :)

Something else worth going crazy about, is the Breakaway Camp!

4 more days to Breakaway Monday!

We have 150 people going so far, so it is going to be a really fun event!

This weekend in Jurong, the church will also be giving out free Donuts.

If u are entitled to 1, pls go for a 'Double Chocolate'.

It's every little gals' dream!

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~~~ ><>Alan&Sally<>< ~~~ said...

ooooh! Donut Factory! Our kids lurvvve the peanut butter one!!! :)

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