Sunday, November 18, 2007

City Harvest Church Sunday Service

Pst Kong Hee was not in town this week, so Pst Phil Pringle was around to preach this week.

Today's service was really different!

Have u ever gone to church to see someone paint?

Well this was exactly what happened today.

Armed with his scrapper, paintbrushes and his bible, Pst Phil came on stage with a white canvas as his background. It was like an empty page, waiting to be written on.

Frankly, I am not really an art enthusiast. My pursuit of art in school usually resulted in "stick men", or what my teachers commonly referred to as "chicken scratchings!" As a result, I steered clear of art schools & musuems. But somehow, there was a different expectation in my heart today, as I did not know what to expect!

As Pst. Phil painted, he also preached at appropriate moments.

I was most blessed when he preached about Man's will.

Man's will one of the most powerful things that he has, and it is one area where God will not touch. I guess that's why when people come to church with an attitude to challenge God, they find it difficult to experience Him.

If one comes, and says "God, if u are real, do this for me!" or "If u are real, let this promotion, happen for me!". A change of attitude is needed!

When one surrenders one's will, no demands are made! No proof is asked for!

But just a genuine hunger to meet God, with no strings attached is sufficient. When one invites God like that, God is invited to have an encounter with that person.

Back to the painting. After 1hr, a picture of Jesus on the cross was the finished product.

I like it! The acrylic paint really adds texture to the cross. The texture to the cross, gives one a sense of "hardness" about the cross.

Pst Phil did the last supper on saturday night, and it is pictured below:

Cool rite, Btw, it's 15 more days to the Breakaway Camp!!!

Get your registration forms and money in ASAP! It's gonna be ROCKING!


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