Thursday, November 29, 2007

Golden Village Gold Class

Would u pay $25 for a Movie Ticket?

Just this week, Shing blessed me and my wife, with 2 complimentary tickets to watch a movie at GV's Gold Class cinemas.

At $25 a ticket, I was looking forward to my first visit to the 'pictures'.

Thinking that at such prices, we would have the cinema to ourselves, I was very, very wrong!

Once u walk pass the main entrance, u realise that there are many Expats and Singaporeans who are ready to pay for such an experience. Each cinema holds about 60 seats, but the halls were always completely sold out.

As we sat in the lounge (It's like going for a SQ flight), we were given a menu.

Items available ranged from soup all the way to a 'Gold Class Burger'. If u were really hungry, a set meal will set u back by an additional $25 dollars.

Thinking that something here must be free (as the tickets were so expensive), I asked the waitress, "Is there anything here, that is complimentary?"

She replied," Only warm and cold water!"

Man! At $25 a ticket, I thought that they would at least give me free-flow popcorn and coke. I was really wrong!

We ordered some refreshments and the waitress said that she would bring it to our seats later. My wife remarked that, the next time we watch a movie, she can bring the food to my seat as well!

The best thing about the cinema were the reclining seats. Imagine an 'Osim' Chair without the massage module. The chair had a leg rest, and a remote on the side, which made the chair recline to near 180 degrees.

My wife enjoyed the chair and the complimentary blanket best! That's her pictured above, catching some sleep before the movie started.

Other things worth a mention was the 'Help' Button. The pictures at the bottom of the collage tell the story.

If u pressed the button, it will turn from 'red' to 'green' and a waitress (aka stewardess) will come to attend to your needs (Kind of like on a plane). She will even kneel down and talk to you!

Sound wise, the subwoofers are worth talking about. Watching an 'action' movie, the explosions in the film made my jeans vibrate, as the low frequencies shook the hall. At least, I think i know what I am paying for.

Overall, It was quite an experience (Thanks shing once again for the blessing).

However, if I have to pay for my next movie, the heartlander in me will just pay $8.50.


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