Friday, November 16, 2007

My Baby

Just this week, my wife and I made our periodic visit to the gynecologist.

That's the new baby in the photo attached above. As the clinic was unusually empty, the doc was really relaxed and took his time with us.

From the computer in front of him, the doctor measured the baby's hands, legs, head....he just kept on going thru a lot of measurements and reading them out loud, verbatim, as they popped up on the screen.

Frankly, I did not really care how long his legs were, his hands, or the circumference of his head. It just does not make sense to me, whether it was 2cm, 5 cm or 10cm, as none of us were doctors. As the doc went on, I just kept on saying, "So...that means, he is healthy right! No problems, Correct!"

...Long silence. The doc replied, "As far as I can see, there is nothing wrong with the baby", and then he went on reading more measurements.

Then my wife asked, "Doctor, what sex is the baby!"...We quietly held our breathes...

The doctor replied, "As far as i can see, it's not a boy!"

Praise God! We smiled as he said that. Mummy told me, a few weeks ago, that it was a girl already.

Looks like Mummies know best!

Anyway, I need help in naming my new baby girl. We are stuck with the letter N, as we have Nicole & Nathan already.

Any suggestions?

Currently we have Natasha!


june said...

nadia / nadine (hope - russian)
naomi (beautiful, pleasant, delightful - hebrew)

natasha (latin) as same meaning (christ's birthday) as natalie (italian)

my pick: 1st naomi / 2nd nadine

i like hebrew names .. heehee :p both joash & hannah are hebrew names :p

Ed said...

Thanks... my wife likes nadine.. sge's not too keen on natasha now, esp when baby will be born in April! haha!

june said...

nadine is nice .. stan was saying naomi is kinda difficult to pronounce :p

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