Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is EQ really important?

Just read this weeks 'Time' magazine and I came across something very interesting.

For 178 years, Oxford and Cambridge compete in a rowing event on London's River Thames. Pitting 2 eight-man rowing teams against each other, this is the most watched rowing race in the world.
This year, Cambridge won when it staged an amazing come from behind win.

Talking point

The victorious team included a brash Canadian who did not make the coaches' cut. But he was included as his clowning good natured style made him popular with the team. The squads top 5 rowers-including an Olympic gold medalist and 2 world champions-felt they rowed better with the Canadian on board.

An expert in teamwork is thus proposing that, it is sometimes necessary to let go of a bit of skill, in exchange for sociability.
He says that "People want to deal with people they like!"

To bring it home to Singapore, maybe paper qualifications are just not enough?

History shows us that teams who succeed, are not just a bunch of individuals.
In fact, anyone who loves sports, will tell you that every team, who does well has a strong supporting cast.

Michael Jordan has Scottie Pippen, Marco Van Basten has Ruud Gullit, Adam has Eve, Barbie has Ken!

There is no point in having all the talent, but having zero social skills!

Is EQ important?

Well, Success may not not necessarily be lonely, if your people follow u to the top!
The greatest person according to Jesus, is one who is interested in other people.


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