Friday, November 30, 2007

Knowing & Undersanding More

Since I last started talking about movies, some of my friends have been giving me some advice in this direction.

Cheap movies are a great 'lobang', considering that it is one of Singaporeans' favorite pastimes.

An obvious option is of course 'Video Ezy'

If u don't already know, once u become a parent, visits to the 'pictures' are really rare. Gone are the days when u can go for a midnight show, and be transported to another land for 2hours, without any worries. Hey! This is the world of Parenting!

Last nite, my member gave me another good 'lobang', if u want to watch movies for free. Check this site out.

A New Revelation

Robert Kiyosaki recently made a statement on CNBC that the price of oil will probably go up to US $100/ barrel .

Oil was probably in the mid $60 price range back then.

Just recently, the price of oil hit US $100/barrel.

Economists believe that prices can move due to expectations. I believe that when people of authority like Alan Greenspan and other financial gurus make such statements, it has a innate ability to drive up expectations and prices.

Imagine the power of confession if we know and realise our authority. If a mere man such as Alan Greenspan can drive the economy by 1 statement, How much more so for us Christians, when we know our authority in Christ.

God just said," Let there be light!"


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