Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SingTel RedPAC Supplementary Plan

Nicole has been wanting to use the phone a lot lately, as she always wants to talk to Mummy, Daddy, Auntie Weng, Gong Gong, Popo, Grandpa, Grandma….ok..I think you get the point…!!!

own phone

Just this week, as we passed by the SingTel shop at Bugis, I was stopped by their eye catching ads!

One of their new plans that really caught my eye was the SingTel RedPAC Supplementary Plan!

First of all…Why SingTel?

Well, my whole family is on SingTel, and it is the most reliable network around! (Tried the rest, and have gone back for the BEST!)  singtel redpac

2ndly, if i want to get my daughter a phone, I do want to waste unnecessary money for a phone line which is not used extensively.

Daddy & Mummy are both currently on SingTel’s mobile plans, and we do have some unused talk time at the end of the month.

At only $8.56/month (UP $10.70), I get to share my unused talk time with my daughter.

What’s more…when I sign on for the RedPAC supplementary plan, Nicole gets to talk for up to 1000 free mins with Daddy without me worrying about the increased cost! Awesome right!!!

thumbs up

SingTel has also put some thought into this plan, as when Nathan and Nadine are of age, I can also sign them up for the plan as well! SingTel has made provision for up to 3 RedPAC lines for each main line!

I think Nicole’s line will definitely be put to good use especially when she goes for ballet classes, and when daddy or mummy is late. We can always call her or she can call us when there is an emergency!

Here are some simple facts about SinTel’s RedPAC plan:

  1. 1,000 minutes of FREE calls between you and each RedPAC line (Translate to $160.50 of free calls)
  2. Additional FREE 150 SMS to any mobile number
  3. FREE in-coming calls for your RedPAC line(s)
  4. FREE 3-month Caller-ID for your RedPAC line(s)
  5. Add up to 3 RedPAC lines for each main mobile line

It’s amazing what modern technology can do, and the number of new things we have to learn as parents. Soon, i will need to teach her about phone etiquette…How we should put our handphones to silent mode in the movie theatres…and of course talking loudly is a big No..No!!!

But most importantly, the cost of using a handphone!

I can’t have her making unauthorized calls halfway across the world, or voting for her favourite artist without my permission.

Furthermore, I will also need to teach her, that she can only reveal her number to trusted individuals…One just has got to be careful in today’s society!

I think, It’s going to be a steep learning curve for all of us! :P


Btw, if you sign up for the RedPAC supplementary plan from now till 31 August 2009, you will stand a chance to win Bay Grandstand tickets to the FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX for a family of 4 worth $1192.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!


sheza said...

Okay, the first thing that struck me is that Nicole is using a blackberry?!! Haha ") I am so jealous!

Peixuan said...

Wow. Now a days young kids are getting more and more lucky. I didn't even have any high tech stuffs except toys when I was her age. haha! What phone model is Nicole using?

ED said...

ED - Peixuan

She is using a Barbie-berry


Just joing

Jerb said...

Wow! My 1st hp was in JC or uni... Lucky Nicole!

nat said...

wow!! Nicole ahs grown up!!! Cool!!

Peixuan said...

hahha! Barbie-berry.

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