Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christianity and PostModernism

The 1st time when I saw the word Postmodernism…I was going like…Se Mi lai aa?!? (Colloquial for What is it?!?)

I remember when I was young, whenever I found a word that I did not understand, my mum would say:

“Go and check the Dictionary!”


Gone are the days when I need to go to the bookshelf and lug out the dictionary to discover a new word…

But today due to Modern Technology…We “Google it” and the answer is at our fingertips!

It’s so much easier for a lazy person like me!

With regards to Postmodernism and Modernism, you should check out Pastor Kong Hee’s Blog and discover his exposition on this issue!

He gives a good exposition on this issue and states how City Harvest Church should relate to Postmodernism.

Upon reflection, I am sure that you will realize that Postmodernism has crept into our society, and that all of us can relate to it!

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