Monday, July 20, 2009

America’s Got Talent

Just went onto YouTube and I realized that America’s Got Talent has just started a new season!


Here are some interesting finds:

I thought that these 3 girls were really Good! And with them singing a Michael Jackson Song…I think it is a really good choice…Considering all that has happened…

Thei Megia, a 14 yo, with a big voice was also impressive…I think she can win Singapore Idol anytime!


However, overall…I think the present season does not seem to be as interesting as “The Brit’s got Talent!”

We all remember Susan Boyle, Flawless & Diversity…and they definitely had more touching auditions.

In fact, I think the producers tried to copy the same recipe with the current season of America’s Got Talent. Just check out this act below:


I have nothing against Kari and I think that she deserves her shot at stardom! But in terms of packaging by the producers of the show…It feels like the Americans are trying too hard!…What do u guys think?!?


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