Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday Party at School (Part 2)

For any party to be successful…You just need 3 essential Ingredients:

yummy food

1) McDonald’s French Fries

2) McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets

3) Potato Chips

We had sandwiches as well, but these were the top 3 most requested items for Nicole and definitely Must Haves for her party.

As you can see….they all wanted MORE!!!

party foodNathan and Nadine were there to celebrate the birthday as well….As usual…they were too busy to talk :P




Nicole could not decide on what type of cake she wanted for her birthday….First it was a Princess, then it became a Dora…soon it was Strawberry Shortcake…but we decided on finally….

A Barbie doll Agar Agar Cake!


Her whole skirt is made of agar agar (Jelly) and here is Barbie without her dress!



This is Nicole’s Boyfriend at the point of writing this post! (This is because, her BF changes from week to week!)

The little girl was so happy…she just kept on posing for us! She definitely loves PARTIES!


Check out the video below for the Birthday Celebrations!


Aaron Low Jia Hui said...

your shots looks great :)

Inthedaisies said...

Cool party! =D

Jerb said...

Can see Nicole loves parties!

alexis said...

amazed at the agar agar skirt! n funny video..samurai..haha

CELINE:D said...

WOW, the barbie doll agar agar s COOL! (:

bear said...

haha! it's so super fantastic la! I could see that the kids were literally shouting the b'day song! look at nic's shocking face, she must be thinking it was one of the loudest b'day song ever! =D

Marc said...

wa, i dun mind going to the party for the nuggets and fries. haha.

have u heard the new song?

Sharon said...

Your children are so cute. And it's quite funny watching the video actually.

Amber said...

Haha I am thinking..does nicole BF means Best Friend or Boy Friend? :P

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