Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kenko Fish Spa

During our Birthdays, we went to the Kenko Fish Spa at the Singapore Flyer. (Thanks to N149 and Jenny!)


We heard so much about it, that we wanted to try the fish spa for ourselves!

Before going in, we had to wash our legs first (Maybe they thought that the algae on our feet would kill the fish or something :P)

We also had to put a plaster on all our open wounds, so that the fish will not have a go at it!

After that…we rolled up our jeans…and we let mother nature have a nibble on our toes!


Check out my leg hair….my wife says it’s gross!

But…of course, i think i will have the last laugh…the fishes go after dead skin….so check out which leg has got more fishes!

fish legs

I call it…Like bees to honey!!! :P

Well, the health benefit of the whole exercise is that the fish are supposed to eat your dead skin…and leave your legs with softer healthier looking skin!

Btw, our legs did feel smoother after that!

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~Sal~ said...

Ewweee, still gives me the creeps when I looked at your pictures! Haha..but you two look like you are enjoying yourselves. :D Happy Belated Birthday!

Jerb said...

HAHAHAHA! Maybe the fish prefer DELICATE dead skin and so prefer Jiahui's?? HAHA!

San said...

Haha! Anyhow, I always get so ticklish just looking at those fish spas, can't imagine how it would be to actually TRY it out!

Su Ting said...

Bro ed, del, garv and me also went to the same place. I recorded the session down in my phone. Got del's nice high pitch voice bcoz the fishes were tickling her...

ER said...

haha! bro Ed, your posts are really funny!this made me laugh!

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