Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cheap Milk Powder for Toddlers

Baby and Toddler’s Milk Power is really expensive, and so I am always looking out for good bargains!

Do I stick to a particular brand?

The kids all grew up on Mamil Gold, but to tell you the truth…I have no loyalties.

mamil all

I am a real Singaporean, and I fill up all the forms in Parenting Magazines for FREE SAMPLES, and the kids have also tried almost all the Brands! (Except China Brands…for obvious reasons)

In fact, after the age of 2, we start them on Cow’s milk and normal powdered milk. From what I read, the Caucasians start them on normal powdered milk from an even earlier age.

fernleaf 1plus N

Last night, I just bought a few packets of “Fernleaf” from NTUC, as it was on Sale!

We  always go for what’s cheap…and when there is a sale…We buy and stock up at home!

This is definitely a necessity, as the kids can finish a 1.5kg can in a week!

Every can that they finish…Daddy’s wallet feels the pain!!!

But there is GOOD NEWS!

Just received this advertisement from my wife!

Mamil is giving a:

Buy 1 Can & Get 1 FREE Offer!


It is on this weekend at Selected outlets from 2 to 6pm.

Offer is limited to 1 redemption per customer and only for 1st 80 customers!

It sounds too Good to be true!!!

Click on the link for more details…

I think it is definitely a good time to stock up!



cendrine said...

hey hey, congrats to you on your winning ! :)

ED said...

Thanks!!! :)

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