Friday, April 17, 2009

Britain’s Got Talent – Susan Boyle

Guys…U have to watch this Video!

This women is the latest star from Britain’s got Talent!

(Watch the video first before you read the write-up to get the maximum impact from this video)


… Watch the video first! ….




Solid right! My Jaw was dropping when she hit the first note!!! It’s like Paul Potts over again.

At the moment, she has 12 million hits on YouTube and counting….

And check this out… Susan Doyle is a middle-aged church worker, has never had a boyfriend before, and never been kissed before. She lives alone with her cat!

After seeing her hair…her dressing…her mannerisms…Imagine the shock I had when she started singing!

I definitely did not think that she was going to be so Awesome!!!

It is amazing how Britain keeps on churning out these talents….Where do they hide them?!?

1 Comment:

alexis said...

WOW! she is...COOL!!!

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