Monday, April 20, 2009

Changed my blackberry recently

Hi guys!

Forgot to update everybody that I have changed my Hp recently: from a Blackberry 9000 (Bold) to a Blackberry 8900 (Curve or Javelin).

blackberry curve 8900 javelin

The Bold was giving me heaps of problems and too unstable for me to rely on…so I changed!

Will blog more about the phone later on…

Anyway, the thing about changing your mobile, which i really hate is: transferring your phonebook.

First, you got to update your phonebook in the computer, and later u have to transfer it to the new phone.

Not exactly easy, when the Blackberry menu is kind of pathetic…they don’t really cover a lot of simple everyday things that u do (I learnt how to use my Blackberry via trial and error!)

But…Phonebooks can really be an asset or a real pain.

Don’t you hate it when you lose a contact, or I used to remember in the early days of mobile history…when changing your hp means manually keying in your phone book again….and u had to send SMSes to the whole world that you changed your mobile.

Anyway, here is a video by Natalie which really “hits the spot”. Don’t u hate it when someone SMSes you, and you don’t know who they are! Watch the video and u will know what i mean!

I am amazed by how this girl can just go on and on….but she is funny!!!

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kailin said...

Blackberry Curve looks good eh. Hope it doesn't give you problems like yr BB did!

Btw, did you manage to use the Blackberry screen wipe? Ha. :P

ED said...


I read the instructions. Don't think i can use as i wrapped the phone with g-mask.

U are supposed to apply it to a clear screen.

Anyway, Tks for the gift!

anon said...

hi mind telling where you can get the screen protectors or casing for the BB? thanks.

Ed or Edmund Tay said...

Ed- Anon

U can try any of the mobile shops at Clementi or Toa Payoh.

I went for G-mask as it offers great protection for the phone as well!

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