Friday, September 26, 2008

Blackberry Bold

blackYipee!!! I just unwrapped my new Blackberry Bold! & I got some testimonies about the whole process!

I am presently nine months into my current Singtel contract, and I wasn't very sure that I could get a new Handset at a promotional price. This would mean a near $1000 price tag for the Blackberry.

The first testimony I want to share is that, Singtel were willing to just sell me the handset at $500.

Secondly, Pastor has been preaching about how the leaders in the church were communicating via Blackberry in his sermon last week.

One of my leaders, Edmund Tan, immediately felt that I should get one of these new gadgets as he heard the sermon.

What's more, during the Jurong West Service, Pst Kong was using Pst Aries' Blackberry as a physical preaching aid.

As he was preaching, he pressed the redial button and the last number dialed was mine!

He mentioned it over the pulpit, and Edmund Tan felt that it was a confirmation to what he felt ...

Today, as I received my new handset, I also received this from one of my sons :)


A Cheque of $500 dollars!

PTL! I have been blessed with a NEW Blackberry BOLD!

Yeah....I am now trying to figure out how to get my new gadget to work...:) It has been an exciting week!!!

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swee said...

the blackberry bold is just.. B-E-A-UTIFUL! haha. always wanted one, but.. too young to have it. hah.

ED said...


I am sure that u will get one soon... tks for dropping by!!!

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