Monday, September 8, 2008

Nadine and the 3 Amigos

As everyone has been requesting for photos and updates about Nadine, we have decided to do a collage of her for everyone.

Here are the latest photos of Nadine, just taken today:



She is very much faster than Nicole in terms of motor skills, and she can even flip, turn around and crawl backwards.

Below is a limited edition collage of the 3 Kids together.

Just look at little Nathan - he is just rolling all over his sister, to get to the front of the camera.

3 amigos

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~~~ ><>Alan&Sally<>< ~~~ said...

Ah! Finally we get to see her! So cute :) Your three kids have the same cheekbones. NICE! You are so blessed! :)

Anonymous said...

She so cute! She's very fair and looks the most different from N1 and N2. =)


shachew said...

Your 3 kids are ALL so cute!

ED said...

Thanks to all! She's really a little smiley princess! A chubby one too!

jiejie bear said...

I love them very(x10) much! =D

Anonymous said...

So cute!!! =D

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