Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tainted Milk Powder from China

The latest news report about the tainted milk powder from China is so scary....

If you don't know, infants have been dying in China, as they have been drinking milk powder containing an industrial chemical called Melamine.  The chemical increases the protein levels in products but causes side effects such as kidney stones in infants.

Well, the latest development is that it may be found in Walls ice cream products such as Magnum (Yes! You have eaten one of these before!)  & the infamous Rabbit Milk Candy (Do you remember chewing on those sweets when you were young?!?)

rabbit wrapper

What's more...the newspaper reported today that there is no China-produced infant formula or milk powder available on shelves in Singapore; however, manufacturers here do use un-branded milk powder and other dairy products made in China - In other words, there may be some products in our supermarket that is contaminated as well!!!

Aiyo...How?!? These China products are so SCARY!!! first, the Maling luncheon meat ban & now this!

Today, I bought canned mushrooms from China. I admit...I thought ..and pondered for awhile, before I placed the cans into the trolley!

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