Monday, September 22, 2008

Notebook Review - Acer, Fujitsu, Toshiba & Lenovo

I have been using my Fujitsu Notebook for 3 years already and I have been thinking of getting a new one.


During the last few years, I have tried notebooks from Acer & Fujitsu. Meanwhile my wife owns a Toshiba Notebook.

My views on these notebooks:

ACER - Don't waste your time buying one of these. The Design may be nice and in terms of budget - very affordable. But I spent a lot time at the service center in Jurong with my ACER. If you have the money, don't ever get one. I have lots of friends who have the same comments about ACER.

FUJITSU - These notebooks are definitely more pricey! They offer nice stylish designs and very pleasing to the eye. However, in the 3 years that I have owned one, I have been to the service center at least 3 times. Servicing takes about 7 working days, so be prepared to live without your PC for extended periods of time. :(

TOSHIBA - My wife has one of these. So far, it has been very stable, and it has been living up to its reputation for reliability. However, it really heats up, so this is a laptop that you wouldn't want to put on your lap.

I also talked to my IT department people, and they have been recommending me 2 brands. Some have asked me to get a DELL and others have recommended a LENOVO

Reasons for a DELL - Good on site servicing. If there are problems, the technician comes to your office to service the machine, and if faulty, they replace the machine with a brand new one.

Reasons for a LENOVO - Durable and Reliable. However, the minus points - the machine is not much of a 'looker' as it is encased in an IBM "Thinkpad" shell (to offer it protection).

I did some research on the Lenovo, and here are some interesting things I discovered:

Cool Videos right. Can you imagine it. The computer can actually survive a Car Crash!

What's more, the Lenovo Thinkpad notebooks have holes underneath the computer. This is to allow coffee that is spilled onto the keyboard, to be 'drained' from the module! :)

I think my mind is pretty made up!

Retail price on the LENOVO site is $2942.50. Check out the specifications of the X200 here.


It also comes with on site warranty as well!

What do you guys think? Should I go for it?

Still mulling over my decision for the next few days. Don't want to be too hasty in making my decisions.


Mockingbird said...

Think Fujitsu is still the best. Premium price. Premium quality.

Steve said...

Take it from an Ex Product Manager for Toshiba's Tecra line. I have had many Thinkpads for many years and they are the best notebooks I have ever used. I will be getting either a new T-200 or a T-310 soon. Probably leaning to the T-200.

ED said...


Wa...How to argue against a former employee of toshiba!!! Looks like I have to really consider lenovo

Randy said...


I actually used a Dell Inspiron and it kinda lasted me about 5 years.

On Acer, I would strongly advise against it. I've worked with the advertising agency, and I've heard stories about that brand. Not that it's bad - it's actually value for money. It's the quality problem that's a bother.

I'm doubtful of Lenovo after the China buy-over though. It feels no different from Proton buying over Lotus.

I've heard lots of positive comments on HP though.

So for me, I'll go for either HP or Dell.

and btw, acer sound quality is known as one of the worst in the industry.

Brett Nordquist said...

I have a Lenovo X61 and love it. I'm not a huge laptop fan but this is the first one I've enjoyed. It's quiet, doesn't get hot and ya, it's not the best looking but it's not bad either. I say go for the Lenovo.

~~~ ><>Alan&Sally<>< ~~~ said...

We've been using a HP for the last two years. No issues with it and haven't had to visit the service centre too. :)

Gary Quek said...

i think Lenovo is good in terms of reliablity.. but the weight is a turn off.. and the look.. every model look the same.. they have never change the style... if you get a Lenovo, make sure its the business series.. cost more.. but worth it..

forget about dell.. very heavy.. and if the service center is so good.. and everyone knows it.. that means they break down very often right? that is a hint..

my 2 cents, you can also consider HP, compaq is a cheaper version.. but i think HP is quite stable also.

when you get a laptop, the reliablity and the weight to me is most important...

happy shopping...

Gary Quek

Anonymous said...

hmm... im also using Acer... i wonder how come you never write short description about HP or Sony products! =P

ED said...


I have no experience with HP & Sony products. If u want to sponsor me, I will gladly write u a review...Hee Hee :)

Love my lenovo notebook said...

Great read - you don't know how many times that drainage hole on the bottom of my notebook has had to work for me

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